Travel Hospitality

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Travelers are notorious for jumping ship to get the best deal. But with our travel industry solutions — including some help managing the data and details — you’ll learn how to keep travelers loyal to your brand.

Transportation industry has gone through tremendous change over the last decade, some of which being dictated by technological advances, such as the shift from legacy to new technology. Other changes such as the increased use of the internet spawned a plethora of new opportunities along with new intermediaries.

Our business processes have had an enormous impact on transforming this industry - real-time access to inventory, transparency across multiple channels, campaigns targeted with laser precision at niche segments, seamless exchange of operational information and key performance data have had a profound impact on the industry. We have helped Travel & Hospitality companies with:

  • Offshore software development & maintenance outsourcing
  • Dynamic Packaging
  • Reservation Systems
  • Payment Systems Integration
  • Inventory & Procurement Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Systems Integration (back office, reporting, data warehouse, business intelligence)
  • Document Management
  • Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Content Management Solutions (CMS)

Companies in the travel and transportation sector compete aggressively for corporate business. But winning and nurturing these accounts has become increasingly difficult due to pricing pressures and ongoing consolidation. Plus, more and more corporate customers are shifting purchasing power to specialized procurement teams that are armed with data and focused on controlling costs

Travel and hospitality businesses are adjusting to a new generation of travelers and guests. Millennial and tech-savvy travelers look for smooth experiences. They expect the airlines, hotels, cruise lines and restaurants to know who they are, present them with what they need and make their experience pleasant and efficient.