Business Intelligence

Fluidiqsindia Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence solution gives the complete information about the operations performed, those which are on going and which are to be performed in the future to increase the overall performance.

The Business intelligence solutions provided Fluidiqsindia Solutions are robust solutions, Our Business Intelligence Solutions helps in energy conservation, a large amount of energy is consumed by industrial sector, commercial and residential sector, our intelligent solutions are used to generate various reports that are very helpful in analyzing the overall performance and taking the right decision to save energy, time and money.

Our strengths

Fluidiqsindia Business Intelligence services help you build an efficient Business Information system utilizing our expertise in the following fields

  • Key performance metrics
  • BI platform options
  • Information access methods: scorecards, dashboards, data cubes for analysis, and report processing
  • Business data dimensions: defining and understanding the key metrics developed with the business users and performance indicators that are relevant to your business

However, if you already do own one, there are definitely reasons to keep it. The cost of getting hundreds of thousands of lines of code transferred over would probably alone outweigh the benefits of switching to cloud. Also, mainframes have the capability to be customized and specialized more than cloud services can, as the hardware itself is in control of the user. Mainframe computers can have nothing to do with your internet connection, which is good because it reduces bandwidth being used and allows for easy use even when the internet is down.

One benefit large companies enjoy about mainframes is the 100% complete control over their own data. When using cloud services, you are trusting a 3rd party company to not touch your data. With mainframes, you never need to worry about them snooping or touching your data. However, most large cloud companies are quite trustworthy and the chances of them doing something you don't want them to is quite small.

Mainframes are now often regarded as giant machines sitting in the museums and COBOL obsolete. However, the reality is that many industries are still relying heavily on mainframes as their major application backbones. This is due to their impeccable security, high availability and fault-tolerance nature of the technology. This is particularly true for the banking industry which handles voluminous transactional data and 24x7 nature of the business.

A unique part of Fluidiqsindia service is our willingness to base fees on a share of the savings the client makes; whether software, hardware or outsourced service costs. With this approach Fluidiqsindia shares the risk of the project and ensures a clear ROI for the client. Other pricing models are offered if this “Risk Reward†model does not suit.Consider our Cost Reduction Solution if you are looking to

  • Avoid costs through deferral of hardware purchases and/or upgrades
  • Reduce costs through optimised utilisation of available resources
  • Reduce software licensing through rationalisation and reduced CPU usage
  • Improve your ability to provide customers with quality cost effective IT services
  • Ensure that service levels can be achieved and maintained