The Fliudiqs Retail team

Our capable and experienced IT team, with comprehensive skills and expertise in the area of wholesale and retail services, would be pleased to sit down with you to discuss your needs. We can support you in conducting a well-structured needs analysis, in creating a comprehensive system specification and in deploying system to perfectly integrate with your existing services

The ideal case of using Thin Client hardware at the POS and thus combining the advantages of both concepts has become our task. The cooperation IGEL –HERMES opens up an interesting potential of unification, saving and efficiency.

Practice Highlights

  • Services offered across various retail customer segments and technology platforms
  • Retail and CPG-focused CoE (Center of Excellence) to assist retailers in making right technology investment decisions and platform choices
  • Integrated consulting approach for domain-centric delivery. Our retail CoE includes domain consultants, business analysts and package specialists
  • Our offerings include Supply Chain management, POS transformation, Digital payments, Multi-channel integration, Business and customer insights through advance analytics
  • Provides E-commerce solutions for platforms like Hybris, ATG, WCS IBM, and other open source E-commerce platforms
  • Investments in Industry Solutions/Accelerators, in various areas of retail functions, including in-store activity optimizations, retail operations, demand forecasting, consumer segmentation among others.
  • Customer-focused global delivery capability, having presence across the globe with multiple near shore and offshore delivery centers
  • Significant investments in evolving trends, Mobility/User Experience and Big Data/Analytics At Fliudiqs

New technologies such as mobile and social are blurring the lines between online and in-store led retailing. Retailers who harness the potential to grow with Brick and Click will be the ones who succeed. Retail has changed dramatically. Customers these days are well informed because of social consumerization of IT. They always look for a better and personalized service. Fliudiqs offers retail IT services like Dynamics AX retail which caters to the tech-savvy consumer of today.

Fliudiqs has a track record of powering brick and click led business transformation initiatives for some of the most well-known Retail enterprises across the globe. We specialize in applying technologies such as Omni-Channel Commerce, Mobility and Analytics to enhance customer engagement for Retailers. Retail IT brings about transformation in retail industry and can help improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Consumers who are emotionally connected to a retailer are more likely to shop with them. This means providing exceptional, personalized interactions with customers in a fast-moving industry. But legacy IT can hold back retailer innovation. The Fliudiqs B2C omni-channel commerce solution supports all of your future engagement plans across every channel – digital, call center, in-store, and beyond. We help provide a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints. You can engage with your customers on their own terms and build meaningful, profitable relationships. Let the robust Fliudiqs architecture support your imagination.

At Fliudiqs, we provide holistic solutions to our clients in the Retail industry to enable them to address challenges such as the changing consumer behavior, uncertain product life cycles, and increasing demands to connect seamlessly across channels. To address these challenges, it is imperative to implement business and technology solutions that enable clients to leverage their IT investments to meet business needs and improve the overall organizational efficiency. We specialize in flawless, world-class and consistent execution; ensuring execution excellence across store front systems, e-commerce, back-office and Corporate IT Systems through unique services and solutions for the Retail industry. We help enterprises improve efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership, make real-time decisions, invest intelligently in e-commerce and reduce SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) to remain focused.