Mobile Appliation

Fliudiqs Mobile Application Devlopment

Fliudiqs Solutions is a leading mobile app development agency from India, where we welcome you to this world of progressing digital trend. Assistance is provided with all methodologies of app branding related to Apple products, Google Devices, Blackberry and Nokia devices as well. We are well equipped and one of the elite mobile app development agencies from India, where we offer resolutions for Cross Platform Apps which helps you to launch the app among a plethora of smartphones and handheld products.

Fliudiqs Solutions is one of the best Mobile App development agencies from Inida which provides the answer to all your mobile app development need. We assure you that your enterprise scales greater heights. Avail us and we will take care of the rest.


  • Sales Force Automation
  • Inventory Tracking and Verification
  • Mobile Service Force Management
  • Logistics Tracking and Warehouse Management
  • Mobile Product Development and Testing Services
  • Feed Reading System in iPhone
  • Shopping Services in iphone
  • Game Application development for iPhone
  • Professional cooking training services in iPad
  • File Sharing System in iPad

Android App Development

Android is the leading mobile ecosystem with over 1.4 billion users on it. With such a vast and global reach its imperative android is part of every mobile strategy. Snyxius has a highly experienced android app development team that can build and scale applications to support millions of users. We tie our android app backend systems to cloud platforms and integrate with third party APIs and legacy systems. Our Android App Designers are experienced on Google Material Design and deliver high quality enterprise & consumer apps

iOS App Development

iOS is a powerful mobile platform that powers over 2 million apps in the Apple ecosystem. Snyxius creates beautiful and scalable Native iOS Apps for consumers and businesses using Objective C and SWIFT. From Social Messaging to On-demand marketplaces, our iOS app development experience spans multiple industries.

Development of Mobile Applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android At Fliudiqs

  • We build, deploy, and manage all kinds of custom iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, J2ME Android, and iPad apps –without the need of any coding!
  • We help you gain total control over your mobile app development projects by picking layouts, naming your pages, selecting buttons, setting tabs and navigation bars, etc.
  • Our experts choose your AppBlocks,add social media feeds and user registration, test user experiences, lock apps into production, and customize the apps to the hilt; before deploying them directly to Android and Apple app stores.
  • We strive to give your apps a consistent feel and look across platforms
  • Our team creates customized layouts and uses standard iPad menu canvases for adding further functionality to your apps
  • Along with streamlined app versioning in the Enterprise App Store of your choice, we clone applications and reuse all successful designs and content wherever needed
  • We include Native or HTML5 codes for platform extension purposes and also bridge the gap between fully custom and mobile web apps.