Education is the core and essential element of any country that facilitates its economic growth and maintains intellectual development of its people. The 21st century is the time of information technology. In so doing, it’s vitally important for every modern society to provide a stable bond between education and high-tech innovations

These days, both first-formers and high school students can’t imagine their daily lives without computers, smartphones and other wireless smart devices. Due to the ongoing technological revolution, the learned use computers to chat with friends on social networks, type and send documents, search for necessary information and more

Fliudiqs provides graded IT solutions to Education and tutoring sector industries round the globe. We have a dedicated team of domain experts and developers that excels in designing and developing IT solutions to education and tutoring sector. Education and tutor institutes are opting for ingenious and cost-effective ways for smooth running learning process by making use of advanced technology in learning process and to strengthen the bonding of all the stakeholders involved- students, teachers, parents, management, governance bodies.


Our core expertise lies in aligning the initiatives and IT strategy toward fulfilling the craved business goals of our clients from this industry. In the run, we take due responsibility to

  • Implement foolproof strategy
  • Deliver quality results
  • Reduces expenses in IT operations
  • Create innovative travel and hospitality solutions
  • Maintain cross-browser and cross-platform product usability
  • Increase ROI

The Story of Digital Education

Education worldwide is one of the significant fields to observe the revolutionary changes in the recent times. Digital Education is the cure for this abhorrence of education across the world. With wise coverage over different means of communication, it becomes an instinctive choice to learn even for those residing in the hinterlands. And this is where iSlate offered by Fliudiqs comes into play

As a pioneer in revolutionizing digital education, iSlate has given a revolutionary change in the traditional ways of teaching and learning with its excellent innovations in the digital space. Fliudiqs takes pride in having built a legacy of launching latest technology to let teachers teach in new ways and children to learn in new ways.

How Fliudiqs can help

Fliudiqs is a world leader in advising and leading educational initiatives focused towards delivering results to businesses. Apart from extensive experience in advising stakeholders in developing sustainable educational institutions, Fliudiqs is involved in training professionals to deliver operational efficiencies by implementing principles of lean, six sigma and inducing a culture of innovation in organizations. With the changing competencies needed by businesses to sustain growth, Fliudiqs. is the most endorsed partner in developing skill sets and educational institutions aligned towards changing needs.

Development of Mobile Applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android At Fliudiqs

  • We build, deploy, and manage all kinds of custom iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, J2ME Android, and iPad apps –without the need of any coding!
  • We help you gain total control over your mobile app development projects by picking layouts, naming your pages, selecting buttons, setting tabs and navigation bars, etc.
  • Our experts choose your AppBlocks,add social media feeds and user registration, test user experiences, lock apps into production, and customize the apps to the hilt; before deploying them directly to Android and Apple app stores.
  • We strive to give your apps a consistent feel and look across platforms
  • Our team creates customized layouts and uses standard iPad menu canvases for adding further functionality to your apps
  • Along with streamlined app versioning in the Enterprise App Store of your choice, we clone applications and reuse all successful designs and content wherever needed
  • We include Native or HTML5 codes for platform extension purposes and also bridge the gap between fully custom and mobile web apps.